Open Buildings

From 1 April to 31 October 2017, the opening times for public buildings and domus will be as follows:

9.00 -19.30

Public buildings

Antiquarium (9.00 - 19.00)
Triangular Forum and Doric Temple
Large Palaestra
Quadriporticus of the Theatres
Large Theatre (Closing due to Summer Festival: please read here)
Odeion - Small Theatre
Sanctuary of  the Public Lares
Sanctuary of Venus
Temple of Vespasiano
Forum Baths 
Stabian Baths


Private Houses

House of Geometric Mosaics
House of the Faun
House of  Menander
House of Casca Longus
House of Fabius Amandius
House of Marco Lucrezio (Via Stabiana) 
House of Paquius Proculus * 
Thermopolium of Vetutius Placidus *
Garden of the Fugitives 
Praedia of Iulia Felix
House of the Orchard
House of Small Fountain
House of the Wounded Bear


Villa of the Mysteries
Imperial Villa

Impianti commerciali



Necropolis of the Herculaneum Gate 
Necropolis Vesuvio Gate
Necropolis of Nocera Gate


9.00 alle 13.30

Public buildings

Suburban Baths (Closed)

Case Private

House of Criptoporticus (entrance civico 16 del  Menandro's alley) 
House of Loreio Tiburtinus Octavius Quartio
House of Marcus Lucretius Fronto
House of Vettii
House of Siricus (Entrance Vicolo Lupanare; entrance and exit Via Stabiana)

Commercial buildings

Fullery of Stephanus


13.45 alle 19.30

Private Houses

House of the Ephebe
House of Venus in the Shell 
House of Red Walls
House of Obelius Firmus 
House of Trittolemo
House of Prince of Naples

* Domus accessible from outside. Access is denied to safeguard the decorative equipment.

Infopoint: tel. +39 081-8575347 -
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