From the 24th of December to the 10th of January

Discovering the elegant House of the Lararium of Achilles, and its rich wall decorations, in one of the most beautiful domus at Pompeii, recently reopened to visitors and easily accessible to all, including those with mobility difficulties.

In addition to regular access to the domus, over the Christmas period the Archaeological Park of Pompeii is offering accompanied visits for all those in possession of the My Pompeii Card, in order that they may discover and admire every detail of the beautiful decorations which characterise the dwelling.
From the 24th of December until the 10th of January, every day from 10:00 to 11:00, those in possession of the card can book an accompanied visit arranged by the Park by writing to the following email address: (visits last 20 minutes, for up to 5 people per group).

Reservations must be received at least one day before the chosen date, and by 2.00 pm. Reservations for Saturdays and Sundays, and for holidays, must be made by Friday or the working day before a holiday.

The house was reopened on the 3rd of December, following maintenance and restoration interventions, as well as structural adaptations aimed at improving accessibility, thereby adding it to the ‘Pompeii for All’ route of buildings without architectural barriers.
Located along Via dell’Abbondanza, the house features elegant pictorial decoration with cultured literary references, and owes its name to the stucco decoration of a room located near the atrium, which was a small household shrine (lararium), with scenes from the Trojan War. The choice of this theme, which also connects with several frescoes in the House of the Cryptoporticus, suggests the probable desire of the owner to exalt the origins of his family, even connecting them to the history of Rome.

One of the rooms facing the garden, which is now accessible, is decorated with a large fresco with two enormous elephants led by cupids, who use reins made of myrtle branches - the sacred plant of Venus. The scene should probably be interpreted as a celebration of the power of the goddess.

For those who are not yet in possession of the My Pompeii Card, it will be possible to purchase it online and/or gift it through the website; the card will then be available for collection at the ticket offices of Pompeii (Porta Marina, Piazza Esedra and Piazza Anfiteatro).

The card, which costs €35 (€8 for under 25s) + €1.50 online booking fee, is valid for one year, and allows unlimited access to all of the sites of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii (Pompeii, the Villa of Poppaea/Oplontis,  the Antiquarium of Boscoreale and Villa Regina, the Stabian Villas and the Libero D’Orsi Archaeological Museum of Stabiae/Royal Palace of Quisisana) as well as to ongoing temporary exhibitions and certain special and exclusive events that are announced from time to time.

In addition, members of the MyPompeii community will receive advance notification via email (from of news as well as ordinary and extraordinary events at the Park (after supplying their membership details); they will be able to interact and offer suggestions and proposals, and will be invited to participate in an annual meeting with the Director of the Park, to be updated on current and future initiatives.

Furthermore, with the Pompeii Artebus shuttle bus, which departs from the Pompeii excavations - Piazza Esedra every day (except Tuesdays), it is possible to more easily reach the other sites of the Archaeological Park: Villa Regina at Boscoreale, the Villa of Poppaea at Oplontis, Villa San Marco and Villa Arianna and the Libero D’Orsi Archaeological Museum of Stabiae at the Royal Palace of Quisisana, at Stabiae.

Finally, we wish to remind visitors that, in the area of the ancient city where the most recent excavations have taken place, it is possible to admire the Thermopolium of Regio V, the ancient snack bar with extraordinary decorations, and through the site, it is possible to book access to the House of Orion and the House with the Garden, which are located in the same area.