From Pompeii to the Roman villas of Boscoreale, Oplontis, Stabiae

and the Libero D’Orsi Archaeological Museum of Stabiae - Royal Palace of Quisisana


Returning on the 1st April is the POMPEII ARTEBUS, the shuttle bus available to all visitors to the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, which connects the various archaeological sites of the Park, from Pompeii to the rustic villa of Boscoreale, Villa Regina, to the aristocratic villas of Oplontis, the Villa of Poppaea and Stabiae, including Villa Arianna and Villa San Marco, and finally the Libero D’Orsi Archaeological Museum of Stabiae, at the Royal Palace of Quisisana.
This initiative arose from the collaboration of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, EAV and SCABEC, the in-house company of the Campania Regional authorities, and its campania>artecardproject, the cultural pass - with UniCredit as its official sponsor - which for over 20 years has offered tourists and enthusiasts the opportunity to access and enjoy the cultural heritage of Campania whilst travelling comfortably aboard local public transport.

Following on from the positive responses garnered during the Christmas period, when over 1,000 visitors made use of the shuttle bus to reach Pompeii and other sites of the Park, the service will resume the 1st April 2022, running six days a week, excluding Tuesdays (the day when the external sites are closed).

Two free minibuses, each with a capacity of 25 people, will depart from Piazza Esedra at Pompeii, and will follow two different routes.

The first will take visitors to Villa Regina at Boscoreale and tothe Villa of Poppaea at the site of Oplontis in Torre Annunziata, making9 trips per day, with the first departure at 9:30. The second bus, which also departs at 9:30, will instead go to Villa San Marco, Villa Arianna and the Royal Palace of Quisisana, and will make 6 trips throughout the day.

The buses are easily recognisable thanks to their distinctive graphic design, which echoes that of the Artecard initiatives.

The serviceis possible thanks to an initiative of the General Directorate of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, utilising campania>artecard funds, and may be used by anyone in possession of an admission ticket to the sites under the jurisdiction of Pompeii, including the MyPompeii Card or a campania>artecard pass.

Access to the site is now not only easier but also cheaper, with the annual MyPompeii pass which, at a cost of €35 (€8 for under 25s), grants unlimited access throughout the year to all of the sites (Pompeii, Villa of Poppaea/Oplontis, and Villa Regina/Boscoreale, the Stabian Villas and the Libero D’Orsi Archaeological Museum of Stabiae/Royal Palace of Quisisana).

Pompeii Artebus passengers will find, on board, a discount code towards the purchase of the campania>artecard; among the passes which users will be able to purchase at a special price are the Gold 365 pass, which permits the holder to visit over 50 cultural sites in Campania in a year, in addition to the Campania 3 Days and the Campania 7 Days cards.

We also wish to remind you that, from the 1st April until the 31st October the opening hours of the sites of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii will follow the summer timetable, as follows:

  • Pompeii: Open every day from 9:00 until 19:00 (with the last admissions at 17:30);
  • Villa Regina at Boscoreale, Villa of Poppaea – Oplontis ,Villa Arianna, Villa San Marco, Libero D’Orsi Archaeological Museum of Stabiae: open from 9:00 until 19:00 (last admissions at 18:00), except on Tuesdays, when they are closed to the public.

Starting on the 3rd April 2022, on every first Sunday of the month the Park will observe the ‘Free Sundays’ initiative, with free admission to cultural sites. For further information, please

For further information: