Expanded Interiors: Artist Tours Contemporary Art Exhibition

Visit the exhibition with the artist Catrin Huber e the archaeologist Dr Thea Ravasi. Meet at the entrance of the house, from Vicolo del Menander, at 10.00am Artists’ TalkCatrin Huber12.00 – 13.00Offices of : San Paolino, Via Plinio 4, Pompei Expanded Interiors explores ancient Roman wall paintings and Roman artefacts through fine-art practice at the two … keep it going

Press Kit

Download Press Kit: Press Kit: Antiquarium of Pompeii (25th January 2021) Press Kit: Pompeii Commitment (28th August 2020)  Press Kit: Visit Minister Franceschini February 18, 2020 Press Kit: Regio V | Press Kit Pdf Press Kit: Vanity Press Kit: In the Volcano: Cai Guo-Qiang and Pompeii Press Kit: Pompeii and The Etruscans Press Kit: Civita Giuliana Press … keep it going

Visitor data

Statistical data of visitors to the Vesuvian archaeological sites A visitor flow analysis pertaining to daily visitors in our archaeological areas according to the site visited and year of visit, beginning from the year 2000.

Unesco Office

The serial Site 829 ‘Archaeological Areas of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata’ was listed as a World Heritage Site on December 6th, 1997, based on three ‘cultural criteria’ defined by the World Heritage Committee: Criterion iii: “to bear a unique or at least exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or to a civilization which is … keep it going

The Necropolis of Pompeii

During the earliest stages of Pompeii, the main burial site was outside the Herculaneum Gate. The tombs were mainly attributed to  burials dating back to the Samnite period (5th-4th century BC). The dead were usually interred in graves or stone coffins together with grave goods. In the Roman period, the sepulchral areas developed on the … keep it going


The finds displayed in the first Room allow the main characteristics of the Vesuvian area during the Roman epoch to be reconstructed, as well as giving us an understanding of how man took advantage of the abundant natural resources of the territory. The finds also document the condition of the area, the partially extinct flora … keep it going

New excavations in Regio V

POMPEII. NEW EXCAVATIONS IN REGIO V. AFTER DECADES, A NEW AREA OF POMPEII IS EXCAVATED 270 years after the discovery of Pompeii, the Archaeological Park celebrates its wonders by announcing new ongoing excavations in Regio V   On the 23rd March 1748, ten years after the discovery of Herculaneum, a fortunate discovery of certain finds … keep it going