Application forms for use of images
The Archaeological Park of Pompeii has designed simplified application forms for requesting the use, for various purposes, of images of the cultural assets relevant to each case.
In accordance with existing regulations, the reproduction of state-owned cultural assets requires permission from the competent Archeological Park and, except for study purposes and personal use, is subject to payment of a fee.

Procedure for requesting permission
1. Download and complete the relevant application form.

2. Send in the completed application form by E-mail ( marked for the attention of the General Director

3. The office concerned will respond in no less than 7 days.
If a fee is due, payment must be made exclusively by banker’s draft to Banco di Napoli S.p.A., as indicated on the relevant form. The payment, for which cash or cheques are not acceptable, must reach the Superintendency a few days before the indicated date for the filming or photography session.
Film recording sessions, whether on payment of a fee or free of charge, are required to be overseen by off-duty security staff. Such overtime work will be charged to the user concerned.
The Archeological Park will decide, based on the filming programme, how many security staff members are to be allocated to the task.
A copy of the banker’s draft should be sent to the Superintendency, which will issue the requested permission upon confirmation that the payment has been received by the bank.

4. In cases of fee exemption, the relevant office will send the requested permission directly and in no less than 7 days.

5. The users concerned will then gain admission to the excavation site on showing the permission they have obtained at the ticket offices.