General Maintenance

The conservation status of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii is constantly supervised via a scheduled monitoring and maintenance system. An expert team of archaeologists, architects, restorers and workers, are focused mainly on implementing prevention and regular maintenance measures. This team supports the management staff of the Park in inspecting and programming the activities, and it carries out regular maintenance work and timely interventions in the case of an emergency. Thanks to a multidisciplinary approach and daily interventions in addressing any issues regarding the monuments, it is possible to adequately cope with the decay processes through constant studying and monitoring of the results.
Preventive measures aim at giving priority to all possible indirect actions to mitigate the environmental or anthropic risks (monitoring, testing the rainwater disposal systems, seasonal covering of exposed pavements, supervising the number of visitors, building walkways). Direct conservation actions for walls and decorations are scheduled according to monitoring and defined priorities (danger to people, risk for the integrity of the record, decorum and use of the Park). Regular actions (cleaning, stabilisation and protection of walls and decorations) are carried out according to maintenance programmes that set out the schedule for any work required to maintain the existing conservation conditions for as long as possible. A long-term maintenance and prevention programme has many advantages such as slowing down the decay of the site and reducing the necessity of more invasive and expensive restoration activities over time.