Ever since its foundation in 1994, the Applied Research Laboratory has worked on site and studied its findings with a double aim:

– to understand the problems connected with the conservation, protection and enhancement of the site. The data come from diagnostic tests carried out by various universities as part of specific agreements and/or agreements planned as part of restoration projects. The laboratory works closely with 20 Italian and foreign research institutes and departments. It supporting in-situ research and conservation activities. Moreover, it is equipped with technologically advanced and highly portable tools for on-site diagnostic tests. The laboratory aims to protect the archaeological heritage and supports the conservation, preservation, and maintenance of ancient artefacts and buildings.

– to learn more about the naturalistic aspects of the Vesuvian area and about the use of the area’s natural resources in 79 A.D.. Two air-conditioned rooms host exceptional findings of a heritage that is unique in the world including 3,500 anthropological, botanical, mineralogical, paleontological, petrological and zoological findings, as well as the archaeological remains of ancient fabric and wood. The laboratory studies, monitors and preserves these findings in specific
microclimatic conditions.

A team of experts in different scientific disciplines such as archaeo-botany, archaeo-zoology, anthropology, and geology contributes to create the interdisciplinary environment that constitutes the stated aim of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii.

They are each experts in their field, engaged in complex conservation and prevention activities to ensure the preservation of the ancient city and its environment.


Organisation Structure
Valeria Amoretti Head of the Applied Research Laboratory
Paola Sabbatucci Restorer officer
Gennaro Cirillo Technical Operator
Ernesto Siano Technical Operator
Gioacchino Sicignano Technical Operator


Contact: 081.8575419 – 081.8575420