(Ministerial Decree No. 198 of 9th April 2016) The boundaries of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii include the following areas of archaeological interest:
a. Municipality of Pompeii (Naples): In the north (Contrada Civita) the boundary is the same as the Municipality of Pompeii, up to Via Grotta, Via Provinciale Pizzo Martino and Via Nolana, which delimit the east side, including the Sanctuary. It then follows Via Piave, Via Duca D’Aosta, Via Astolelle II Traversa up to the motorway Napoli-Salerno, which is the southern boundary of the territorial jurisdiction. In the west it follows the same boundary as the Municipality.
b. Municipality of Torre del Greco (Naples): In the west the boundary follows that of the Municipality (territorial waters) including the state-owned areas of Villa Sora and Terme Ginnasio. It continues up to Viale Campania in the north, on to the main road SS 18 Tirrena Inferiore Via Alcide De Gasperi in the east and Via Litoranea in the south.
c. Municipality of Boscoreale (Naples): the area of Villa Regina and the Antiquarium.
d. Municipality of Poggiomarino (Naples): the Archaeological Park of Longola.
e. Municipality of Torre Annunziata (Naples): the state-owned area of the villas delimited in the south by Via Gioacchino Murat, including the Fuse Factory and the Royal Weapon Factory, as well as Corso Garibaldi, Via Carlo III, Via Eolo, Via Strada Pedonale, and Via G. Parini. The northern boundary follows Via Vittorio Veneto. It includes the district of Pagus in Traversa Andolfi.
f. Municipality of Castellammare di Stabia (Naples): the jurisdiction encompasses page 6 and 15 of the land register, corresponding to Varano Hill, and also includes the adjoining part of the Municipality of Gragnano, and the Reggia di Quisisana on the slopes of Mount Faito.
g. Municipality of Lettere (Naples): the area of the Castle.
h. Municipality of Scafati (Salerno): the area of the Royal Bourbon Powder Factory.


Territorial Jurisdiction of the Municipalities



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