For Italian and foreign schools (belonging to EU member states), prior booking of a school visit timeslot is mandatory, either online at the website, or by telephoning 848 800 288, or +39 06 399 67 050 from a mobile phone or from abroad.
It is possible to reserve school timeslots up to 36 hours in advance by booking online, or up to 15:00 on the day prior to the visit if booking via the call centre.
Booking a school timeslot costs €10.00 per group (up to a maximum of 30 participants including accompanying individuals).
Bookings will be accepted within the limits permitted by the accessibility of the selected site; any requests that exceed this limit will be assessed on a case by case basis.
Didactic visits to the sites of Pompeii, Oplontis, Boscoreale and Stabiae can also be booked by calling 848 800 288 or +39 06 399 67 050 from a mobile phone or from abroad
The call centre operates between the following hours:
Monday – Sunday: 10:00 – 15:00

Visiting groups are required to arrive at the ticket office 15 minutes prior to the booked timeslot.

Upon entry, it will be necessary to present at the ticket office a full list of the participants, on headed paper from the school, duly stamped and signed.