The Archaeological Park of Pompeii is committed to promoting Pompeii’s cultural and tourist rebirth through a full schedule of cultural events. In order to achieve these goals, a special Office has been appointed to assess the proposals for events and shows to be hosted at the Excavation site. To this end, a few locations where such activities can be carried out, in line with the site’s cultural mission, have been selected.

The Archaeological Park of Pompeii has drawn up a set of rules and guidelines as well as the relative forms governing the temporary concession of some areas of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii.

Fees for the use of spaces are being adjusted according to the new guidelines set out by the Ministry of Culture, which can be consulted here.

Decreto 108 del 21/03/2024 – SEZIONE B – USO DEGLI SPAZI, page 11


Manager Maria Antonella Brunetto

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