A green ring to regenerate the landscape on Pompeii

Presentation Masterplan of the extraurban landscape of the Park

Tuesday 30 May 2023, 10.30 am Auditorium of the Archaeological Park of Pompei

The redevelopment of a landscape path of about 4 kilometers outside the walls of the Archaeological Park of Pompei, a real green ring around the ancient city, capable of enhancing the link between the excavation area and the surrounding natural and agricultural landscape, is the objective of the Masterplan - subject to funding with PNRR funds - which will be presented on Tuesday 30 May at 10.30 am at the Auditorium of the excavations.

Supporting elements of the new extraurban route are: the restoration of the walk along the walls, the enhancement of the belvedere and the formation of new landscape points, the cycle path and the road route for service, the rest and leisure areas, those for jogging and fitness, combined with bird-watching observation points and aparies, (bee-houses).

The aim of the interventions will be to create a strategic area for the knowledge of ancient Pompei, for the enjoyment of visitors, of unique landscape value in the world and that today, is partly subtracted from public enjoyment and not completely integrated into the visitor route.

Those who come to Pompei for the first time today, do not know of the existence of another Pompeii outside the walls as, thanks to the restoration sites of recent years, what at the end of the nineties had been designed as a real pedestrian and cycle circuit of about 4 kilometers outside the walls of the ancient city, of great landscape value, has been progressively degrading and lost.

It is only in recent years that, by reactivating a correct and continuous maintenance of the green spaces, it has been possible to rediscover and recover many of the external areas, in some cases starting a real reclamation from the weed vegetation that had taken possession over these places. In addition, the reclamation of the great orchard of the Insula Occidentalis and the Via dei Sepolcri above the Villa of Cicero, with the new avenue of cypresses between the Amphitheater and Porta Nola, represents two pieces of a recovery that today, with the completion of the new fence around the park, has enabled the team to start rethinking the redevelopment of the entire extraurban circuit.

The design, followed by the Park and the Studio Bellesi Giuntoli of Florence, will also include the drafting of the PEBA, i.e. the Plan for the Elimination of Architectural, Physical and Sensory-perceptive Barriers, extended to the entire extraurban perimeter and this will be followed by the design of specific interventions aimed at ensuring the expanded accessibility of the area concerned.

"The intent is also to reach levels of use of the extraurban circuit in complete safety and accordance to forms of differentiated autonomy, recreating paths that allows inclusion and therefore practicality by all, avoiding paths reserved exclusively for the disabled, with a view to inclusive reception and without barriers” states Director General of the Park Gabriel Zuchtriegel. “For this reason, a path of close and fruitful design has also been launched with the Il Tulipano Social Cooperative, already active in the Pompeii Park, in order to prepare fully inclusive areas and paths also for people with autism and / or cognitive disabilities."

Those presenting included:

Gabriel Zuchtriegel - Director General of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii

Angelantonio Orlando - Director General of the Mission Unit for the implementation of the PNRR

Arianna Spinosa - Head of Accessibility and Inclusion Office

Vincenzo Calvanese - Technical Office Manager of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii

Paolo Mighetto - Official of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii and RUP

Giovanni Minucci - Il Tulipano Social Cooperative

Alberto Giuntoli - Landscaper and Partner Studio Bellesi Giunt