Alfonsina Russo Interim Director ff the Archaeological Park of Pompeii from today

Today is the first day at Pompeii for Interim Director of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, Alfonsina Russo, who met the managers and personnel of the various Park offices this morning, accompanied by Mibac Head of Cabinet Tiziana Coccolbuto, Secretary General Giovanni Panebianco and outgoing Director General Massimo Osanna.

She was met by Director General of the GPP General CC Mauro Cipolletta and Coordinator of the Legal and Security section of the GPP, Prefect Vincenza Filippi. Alfonsina Russo, Director of the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum since 2017, will manage the operations of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii until the nomination of the next Director General.

“Full attention will be paid to the operations of the Archaeological Park, demonstrating absolute continuity in the procedures currently being followed. During my tenure there will be no changes," - Alfonsina Russo declared - "but we will continue along the trail which has so successfully been blazed by Massimo Osanna, which has won international acclaim, thanks to the exceptional teamwork that has been carried out by the staff and personnel of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii."

Director Russo is an archaeologist, with a specialisation and research doctorate in Classical Archaeology, and since 2009 has been the Director of MiBACT. During her career she has worked in Magna Graecia, Molise and Lazio. She has worked on the setting up and management of museums, and the organisation of important exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. She has edited numerous scientific publications and has lectured at prestigious Italian and foreign universities. She has been Archaeological Superintendent for South Etruria and Archeological Superintendent for Fine Arts and Landscape for the metropolitan area of Rome, the Province of Viterbo and South Etruria. As part of her recent work in Lazio, she promoted projects which sought to share cultural and tourist projects with local institutions and society more generally, including:
- The Experience Etruria Project, which saw the involvement of numerous city councils in Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria, and was recognised at the 2015 Milan Expo as one of the best projects carried out on the occasion of this international event;
- The promotion of the Ways of Saint Paul and Saint Francis during the 2016 Jubilee. This was recognised by various distinguished foreign institutions.

The delegation also visited the main worksites of the Great Pompeii Project and the new excavations of Regio V.