POMPEII: new information regarding entrance to the site.

THE MY POMPEII APP launches, for a visit in complete safety
The VILLA OF POPPAEA opens with entry quotas

From Wednesday, July 8, the site of Pompeii is preparing to welcome visitors with several new procedures aimed at improving both the enjoyment of and the visit to the archaeological area. It will be possible to enter and exit by all 3 gates at Porta Marina, Piazza Esedra and Piazza Anfiteatro. The means of online payment remains via the website www.ticketone.it, the park's only authorised retailer, whereas cash payment will be possible at the ticket office in Piazza Esedra, where access will also be guaranteed to those in possession of a free ticket or the Artecard reduction.

The visit to the site will once again proceed along the two specially marked one-way routes, starting from Porta Marina and Piazza Amphitheatre, but with the possibility of also joining onto one of the two routes from Piazza Esedra. The numerical quota of visitors (150 every 15 minutes) and the two level tariff with a reduced ticket for afternoon admissions remain: from 9:00 to 16:30 p.m. - tickets are priced at €16 (€14.50 plus the advance sale fee of €1.50 when purchased online); from 16:30 to 17:30 – tickets are priced at €11.50 (€10 plus the advance sale fee of €1.50 when purchased online). Free tickets and reductions as per regulations.

To ensure a visit in complete safety, we recommend the new MY POMPEII app. The app, available on the official Apple App Store and Google Play Store, once downloaded will allow you to scan the QR code on the ticket (purchased via the TicketOne online platform or at the Piazza Esedra ticket office) and to commence the tour within the site. It will be possible to view on the map the number of people present along the route in real time. The map will intuitively indicate whether, at any time during the visit, there is an excessive number of visitors present. It will also be possible within the map to view all the points of interest, enhanced with further information, and all visitor facilities (including emergency medical services, toilets and refreshment points).

In full compliance with current health regulations, visitors will be subjected to temperature checks by thermoscanner and will be required to comply with the physical distance of 1 m outdoors and 1.50 m indoors, both on the site and outside it. The use of a mask remains mandatory in enclosed places and crowded spaces, and recommended outside.

All information relating to the safety measures for the containment of the contagion of COVID-19 and to the manner of visits will be provided to visitors by means of monitors present at the entrances and via explanatory signs.

Visits will take place in full compliance with the distancing measures provided by the Scientific Technical Committee, and following the directions provided by signs which have been specially installed by the Park. Hand sanitiser gel dispensers for visitor use will be present at the entrance and at the toilets.



The majestic Villa of Poppaea is reopening to the public, following a series of restoration works and improvements to the visitor route.

Access to the site, from 9:00 to 19:00 with the last entrance at 17:30, will be regulated on the basis of timeslot quotas, with a maximum of 40 visitors every 15 minutes. The site will be closed on Tuesdays.

Tickets can be purchased exclusively online at www.ticketone.it, and will cost €7.00 (+ €1 for the advance sale fee). The same ticket will allow the visitor access to the Villa Regina of Boscoreale.

For visits solely to the Villa Regina of Boscoreale, it is also possible to make a single online purchase at www.ticketone.it for a cost of €2.00 (+ €1 for the advance sale fee).


Entrance to the Villas of Stabiae is free.