The fundraising office of the Pompeii Archaeological Park was born

The Fundraising Office of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii is born

Recommencing with culture as a means to relaunch the economy is indeed the challenge underlying the birth of the Fundraising Office of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, which will serve as the point of reference for all fundraising and sponsorship activities, as well as for all private enterprises who wish to establish a relationship with the Archaeological Park.

Several financing activities have been put into place to date, as a result of the interest shown by private entities who are fascinated by Pompeii and eager to play a role in the world of culture, yet there have also been cases of companies who have made a specific request to sponsor restoration and valorisation works, in line with their mission and identity.

From today, it will be easier for all those interested in supporting the work of the Park - which is aimed at the recovery, restoration, regular maintenance, management, opening for public access and valorisation of immovable cultural heritage - to get involved and immediately establish a dialogue, with an aim to activating different forms of collaboration between the Public Administration and companies. The Fundraising Office seeks to gather ideas and proposals, and to study and plan activities in synergy with cultural patrons.

For any initial approach, all essential information and contacts will be available on the website on the Fundraising Office/Patrons at Pompeii page, which is divided into the sections Fundraising, Art Bonus and Sponsor Art.

Law No. 106/2014, which contains the Art Bonus measure, has significantly boosted charitable contributions both from companies and individuals. An additional step forwards was then taken by the Public Contracts Code, Leg. Decr. 50/2016, which greatly simplified procedures regarding sponsorship contracts, resulting in a leaner and more rapid process, above all incentivising the use of private entities. Furthermore, the 2016 MiBACT Directive which regulates sponsorship contracts and special forms of public-private partnership established precise guidelines to be adopted when dealing with private entities.

It will thus be possible to choose to participate in fundraising by contacting the Park immediately via the Fundraising web page, or through the Art Bonus platform, where interventions which have been planned will be periodically listed (the Art Bonus is a tax credit which can benefit those who make charitable monetary contributions to support the work carried out by the Archaeological Park of Pompeii. Those eligible for this credit include those who earn business income, private individuals and non-commercial entities).

The Sponsor Art section contains pages dedicated to sponsorship and partnerships. A particular feature of this section is that works which are in the planning phase will be announced in advance on the Preview page, before being published via a Sponsorship Notice, in order to allow potential interested parties to have an overview of the projects that could be sponsored.

The true innovation is represented by the Cultural Sponsorship Proposals page, referring to proposals which can be activated through special partnerships with entities, public bodies and private individuals. Sponsors will have the opportunity to propose projects, whose suitability will be evaluated by the Park's technical staff and if they are eligible, they will then be subject to negotiation.

It will be possible to build beneficiary proposals together with the Park. In addition to the benefits, which will generally be provided for under a sponsorship contract, such as the visibility of the logo on published material and the web, or for example special organised visits for the benefactor, sponsors will be granted their own dedicated page on our website. Specially tailored events will be organised with and for sponsors.

“One can start over with culture to relaunch both the economy and the identity of one's company," - declares Director Gener

al Massimo Osanna -, "today more than ever after a period of total shutdown for many businesses, which need to get back on track with renewed momentum and to reposition themselves. With culture it is not possible to monetise and quantify the impact, but art generates both value and innovation. Minister Franceschini had previously already opened the door to fundraising with the institution of the Art Bonus, and indicated that fundraising, marketing and communication should play a central role in the management of cultural institutions. Today it is up to individual museums and institutions to take action in order to make these public-private collaborative initiatives both feasible and concrete, by bringing all of their resources and professional expertise into play”​.