“Verso Antigone” theater and justice

"Verso Antigone" theater and justice
Friday, November 9th 2018, at 10.00 am, at the Teatro San Ferdinando of Naples, will be held the first event of "Verso Antigone, theater and justice" titled "Comical obscene politician: between comedy and iconography" (in the margins of the Frogs of Aristophanes ) with Gennaro Carillo and the general director of the Pompeii Archaeological Park, Massimo Osanna. This is a project by Gennaro Carillo (coordinator), Luca De Fusco, Alfredo Guardiano and Filippo Patroni Griffi.

There is a profound link, from the Greek origins, between theater, politics and justice. In the Eumenides, Aeschylus staged the foundation myth of the competent court in the matter of blood crimes, the Areopagus. To Sophocles' Antigone we will appeal more or less rightly whenever the law will come into conflict as a manifestation of the polis value system (or as an expression of will, and of interest, of the strongest) and the law of gods or the obligation based on a blood bond. The ancient Attic comedy represents the tyrannical drifts of popular juries, in times of radical democracy, and the crisis that will culminate with the defeat of Athens in the Peloponnesian War. The linguistic perversions of the law and the absurdity of the judicial ritual will be the object of grotesque deformation even by moderns, from Rabelais onwards: think of Racine, who rewrites in the complainants the Wasps of Aristophanes; to the abject judge, between Oedipus and the devil, in Kleist's Broken Jug; to the critique of the (legal) logic, which in the twentieth century will have its most complete results in Kafka and Dürrenmatt. These are the themes of the Verso Antigone project. Theater and justice, promoted by the Teatro Stabile di Napoli in collaboration with the Astrea association. Feelings of justice, articulated in a series of meetings on the sidelines of the 2018-2019 Mercadante and San Ferdinando billboards and characterized by a centrifugal tension of the ancient towards the modern. Hence the title, Verso Antigone, which also alludes to the preparation of Luca De Fusco of the sofclea tragedy scheduled for the 2020 season. Free admission

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