Public buildings

Amphitheater (Regio II, number 5)
Basilica (Regio VIII, number 2)
Temple of Apollo (regio VII, number 5)
Central Baths h 9.00-17.00 (Regio IX, number 2)
Forum Baths h.9.10-16.30 (Regio VII, number 10)
Macellum (Regio VII, number 12)
Quadriporticus of the Theatres (Regio VIII, number 11)
Temple of Isis (Regio VIII, number 14)
Odeion – Small Theatre (Regio VIII, number 12)
Large Theatre (Regio VIII, number 10)
Sanctuary of the Public Lares (Regio VII, number 13)
Sanctuary of Venus (Regio VIII, number 1)
Temple of Vespasiano (Regio VII, number 14)
Stabian Baths h. 9.10-16.30 (Regio VII, number 16)
Large Palaestra (Regio II, number 6) + current exhibitions
Garden of the Fugitives (Regio I, number 16)
Antiquarium (Regio VIII, number 19)
Castellum Aquae (Regio VI)
Building of Eumachia (Regio VII, number 15)
Forum (Regio VII, number 6a)
Mensa Ponderaria (Regio VII, number 6b)
Forum Granary (Regio VII, number 7)
Temple of Jupiter (Regio VII, number 8)
Honorary Arches (Regio VII, number 9)
Comitium and municipal buildings (Regio VIII, number 3)
Triangular Forum  (Regio VIII, number 8)
Doric Temple – Sanctuary of Athena and Hercules  (Regio VIII, number 9)
Temple of Aesculapius or Jupiter Meilichios  (Regio VIII, number 13)
Temple of Fortuna Augusta  (Regio VII, number 11)

Commercial buildings

Lupanar h.9.10-16.30 (Regio VII, number 18)


Villa of the Mysteries h.9.20-16.40 (Regio VI, number 19)


Necropolis Herculaneum Gate (Regio VI, number 17)
Necropolis Vesuvius Gate (Regio V, number 5)
Necropolis Nocera Gate (Regio II, number 10)

Private Houses

House of Faun h.9.00-17.00 (Regio VI, number 1)
Championnet complex h.9.10-16.30 (Regio VIII, number 4)
House of the Geometric Mosaics h.9.00-17.00 (Regio VIII, number 5)
House of Fabius Amandius (Regio I, number 10)
House of the Orchard or of the Floral Cubicles h.9.10-16.30 (Regio I, number 13)
House of the Europa Ship h.9.10-16.30 (Regio I, number 15)
House of the Lovers h.9.10-16.30 (Regio I, number 18)
Thermopolium of Vetutius Placidus (Regio I, number 12) (visible from outside)
Thermopolium h.9.00-17.00 (Regio VI, number 5)
House of the Large Fountain h.9.10-16.30 ( Regio VI, number 20)
House of Siricus h. 9.10-16.30 (entrance only from Via Stabiana) (Regio VII, number 17)
House of the Ephebe h. 9.10-16.30 (Regio I, number 9) 
House of Menander h. 9.10-16.30 (Regio I, number 7)
House of Venus in the Shell h. 9.10-16.30 (Regio II, number 2)
House of the Prince of Naples h. 9.10-16.30 (Regio VI, number 15)
House of the Golden Cupids h 9.10-16.30 (Regio VI, number 12)
House of Leda and the Swan (Fresco visible from outside) (Regio V, number 6)
House of the Wounded Bear h. 9.10-16.30 (Regio VII, number 19)
House of Marcus Lucretius in Via Stabiana h.9.00-17.00 (Regio IX, number 1)
House of the Floral Lararium h. 9.10-16.30 (Regio II, Via Nocera)
Fullonica of Stephanus h. 9.10-16.30 (Regio I, number 3)
Praedia of Julia Felix h. 9.10-16.30 (Regio II, number 3)
House of Ceii h. 9.10-16.30 (Regio I, number 6)
House of the Sailor h. 9.10-16.30 (Regio VII, number 3)
House of Triptolemus h. 9.10-16.30 (Regio VII, number 4a) 
House of the Vettii h. 9.10-16.30 (RegioVI, number 11) 
House of the Anchor h. 9.10-16.30 (RegioV I, number 2)
House of the Cryptoporticus h. 9.10-16.30 (Regio I, number 5)
House of Pacuius Proculus h. 9.00-17.00 (Mosaic visible from outside)
House of the Tragic Poet h. 9.00-17.00 (Mosaic visible from outside)
House of the Red walls h. 9.10-16.30 (Regio VIII, number 7)
House of the Orchard or of the Floral Cubicles h. 9.10-16.30 (Regio I, number 13)

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