Casa della Caccia Antica

House of the Ancient Hunt (VII 4, 48)

Paola Manchinu and Diego Elia (Centre for Conservation and Restoration ‘La Venaria Reale’ and University of Turin) APP contact person Antonino Russo Within the framework of the agreement between the University of Turin (SUSCOR), the Centre for Conservation and Restoration ‘La Venaria Reale’ and the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, a study and research project was initiated with the aim of broadening our knowledge on the House of the Ancient Hunt, as well as enhancing and conserving it. …Read more

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Casa di Obellio Firmo 7


Enrico Giorgi (University of Bologna) APP CONTACT PERSON       ALBERTA MARTELLONE The studies conducted thus far have included obtaining a three-dimensional relief of the urban walls between Porta Vesuvio and Porta Sarno, and the House of Obellio Firmo through laser scanning and photogrammetric techniques. In particular, the geophysical survey of the entire dwelling, carried out with the georadar …Read more

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Silvia Pallecchi (University of Genoa) APP CONTACT PERSON      Antonino Russo Research focused on the areas facing Via dell’Abbondanza involved the analysis and stratigraphic excavation of significant portions of the stratification and was intensified at no.s 2 and 3 (room 2.2 and 3.1). The evidence found proves that the area was frequented rather intensely between the end of the III century B.C. and 79 A.D., as well as before this period. From beginning of the 1 st century A.D. and 62 A.D. a series of construction work completed the structural layout of the area, which was entirely occupied by two-storey buildings overlooking the street busy with commercial activities. …Read more

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Fondo Iozzino Area

APP EXCAVATIONS AND RESEARCH – FONDO IOZZINO AREA APP CONTACT PERSON       Luana Toniolo Investigations in the sacred area of Fondo Iozzino were carried out thus completing the exploration of the west sector of the sanctuary. During earlier research, fundamental evidence was uncovered to help reconstruct the cultural practices in ancient Pompeii. There was a bronze shield, and the biggest corpus of bucchero pottery in Southern Italy with engraved inscriptions. …Read more

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Herculaneum Gate area

EXCAVATION PROJECTS HERCULANEUM GATE AREA Nicolas Monteix (Centre Jean-Bérard) APP (Archaeological Park of Pompeii) contact person Marialaura Iadanza The project aims to investigate the articulation existing in the sector outside the Herculaneum Gate, between the funeral area and the commercial and manufacturing locations, from a topographical and functional point of view. The workshops, as is the …Read more

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Villa of the Mosaic Columns

Villa of the Mosaic Columns

Michael Anderson (San Francisco State University) APP Contact Person Marialaura Iadanza The aim of the research was to perform and in depth analysis of the chronology, urban development, and utilization of Pompeii from its foundation to 79 A.D., both in the surburbium and inside the city, especially along Via Consolare. During the summers of 2016-2017, the excavations focused on the Villa of the M …Read more

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Villa B of Oplontis

John Clarke and Michael Thomas (University of Texas at Austin) APP Contact Person Giuseppe Scarpati The archaeological complex, at first thought to be a villa, was actually a built-up area with houses and warehouses, where a large building used for the wine trade can be identified. After its discovery and a series of excavations carried out until the 90s, the research was resumed in 2016, studying …Read more

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Temple of Venus (VIII 1, 3)

Ilaria Battiloro and Marcello Mogetta (Mount Allison University, University of Missouri) APP Contact Person Francesco Muscolino New research in the area of the Temple of Venus has been focused on its eastern courtyard. It has been conducted in parallel with the re-examination of previous documentation in order to determine the construction phases of this sanctuary as well as the chronology. It is …Read more

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Pompeii’s Fortifications

APP’s Excavations and Research, Pompeii’s Fortifications Marco Fabbri (University of Rome Tor Vergata) APP Contact Person Marialaura Iadanza In summer 2017 a new excavation site was set up to analyse the walls of the city near Tower XI (also known as the Mercury Tower). Recent surveys have revealed new information about the construction processes and building phases of the extraordinary defensive structures of Pompeii. The results obtained during this first excavation can be summarised as follows: During the excavation just west of the Mercury Tower, the two walls in opus quadratum and the path in between them were found to date back to the same phase from the first half of the 4 th century B.C.. Moreover, at least four different road surfaces were uncovered. A particularly important one among these is a road surface bearing the traces of tracks left by the carts transporting war machinery. This surface, dating back to the early 1 st century B.C., is related to the substantial remodelling of the fortification system done just before the siege of Pompeii in 89 B.C., which is also confirmed by the construction of 12 opus incertum towers. The excavation in front of Tower XI (oriented towards the external side of the city) confirmed the presence of city walls in pappamonte blocks dating back to the first quarter of the 6 th century B.C.. …Read more

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Pompeii IX 8 and Torre del Greco, Villa Sora

Antonella Coralini (University of Bologna) APP Contact People Giuseppe Scarpati The ‘Vesuviana’ programme, in cooperation with the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, focused not only on the Pompeii site, but also on the archaeological area of Villa Sora, in Torre del Greco. Working on the case study Insulae IX 8-House of the Centenary, an interdisciplinary team developed a GIS platform capable of processing all the data of a pluri-stratified site like Pompeii, including old and new excavations, from ancient material evidence to the most recent activities. …Read more

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