First aid is available near the Chora Cafe- Vicolo degli Augustali Tel: +39 0818575404
+39 0818575406

Is not allowed use drones RPA (Remotely piloted aircraft) without proper authorization. For authorizations, please check the link:

Small pets are allowed, provided they are kept on a leash.

No. Outside the Archaeological Park there are many municipal parking spaces available at a cost, delineated by blue lines. There are also several private car parks.

Yes. In December 2016, the Archaeological Park opened ‘Pompeii for All’, an itinerary specifically designed for disabled visitors to Italy’s longest accessible pathway through an archaeological site.

Inside the Park you can take pictures and amateur videos only without the use of flash and tripod. If you wish to take professional videos and pictures, you need to ask for special authorisation.

You can purchase drinks at the bar/restaurant. However, please note that there are many drinking water fountains inside the excavation sites.


The heritage of the Archaeological Park is impressive and covers a total of 44 hectares. For this reason, you need a minimum of 2-3 hours to visit the Park. There are many types of itineraries depending on your time availability.

Yes. Tickets can be found on the authorised ticket seller site TicketOne. Please note, a service fee may be applied.