Pink Floyd. Live at Pompeii. The exhibition by Adrian Maben

Less than a month after the great David Gilmour concert of 7 and 8 July 2016 at the Amphitheater, Pompeii has opened the galleries of the gladiatorial arena to celebrate with a photographic exhibition by the Soprintendenza Pompeii and Adrian Maben, the historical English band and especially the moment that saw them perform in 1971 in this place for the memorable concert behind closed doors, which gave life to the video "Pink Floyd-Live at Pompeii" …Read more

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casciello pompei visioni bacco


Pompeii and Contemporary Art Angelo Casciello's works in Pompeii From 23rd June 2017 to 23rd May 2018 Inauguration on 23rd June at 12 noon. (Porta Marina Entrance) …Read more

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Mitoraj Pompeii

30 majestic sculptures by the artist Igor Mitoraj are being exhibited in the archaeological area of Pompeii.The outfitting of this Polish (and honorary Italian) artist's extraordinary posthumous exhibition is currentlyunderway and can be visited until 1 st May 2017. Under the artistic direction of Luca Pizzi, from the AtelierMitoraj, the majestic bronze sculptures have been placed in different areas of the site ranging from theTemple of Venus to the Basilica and the Forum, from Via dell’Abbondanza to the Thermal Baths of Stabiae,from the Triangular Forum to the Four-Sided Portico of the Theatres. …Read more

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For Grace Received

On 29 th April, when the Antiquarium of the archaeological site reopens, the exhibition ‘For Grace Received. Ancient and modern religious devotion in Pompeii’ opens to the public. It is promoted by an extraordinary synergy between Pompeii's Superintendency and the Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary, with the cooperation of the European Centre for Tourism and Culture, whose head is Giuseppe Lepore, and the organisational support of Civita Mu.Se.A, on the occasion of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, announced by Pope Francis. The exhibition is run by Francesco Buranelli and Massimo Osanna. …Read more

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pompei e i greci

Pompeii and the Greeks

POMPEII AND THE GREEKSPompeii's archaeological site, Palestra Grande12 th April - 27 th November 2017The exhibition, run by Pompeii's Director-General Massimo Osanna and by Carlo Rescigno (Università degliStudi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli), is promoted by Pompeii's Superintendency with Electa's organisation. …Read more

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Picasso and Naples: Parade

FROM 8 th APRIL THE EXHIBITION ‘Picasso and Naples: Parade’Museum and Real Bosco of Capodimonte, NaplesAntiquarium, Pompeii's archaeological site: 8 th April - 10 th July 2017In 2017, Naples and Pompeii will celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Picasso's visit to Italy, which the artist undertook with Jean Cocteau in order to work with the Ballets Russes on Parade, a ballet that would premiere on stage in Paris in May 1917, on a subject conceived by Cocteau himself and with music by Erik Satie. During his visit to our country, the artist went to Naples twice between March and April 1917, and to Pompeii. …Read more

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The Body of Evidence

EXHIBITION ‘THE BODY OF EVIDENCE’ Antiquarium of the archaeological site 16 th December 2016 – 27 th August 2017 Pompeii and Southern Italy continue to uncover the finds from their infinite archaeological heritage quite unusually. This time it concerns an unprecedented “loot”, composed of misappropriated objects that had been seized since the 60s and that have now been released and made available to the public in an original exhibition at the Antiquarium of Pompeii called ‘The Body of Evidence’. …Read more

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Egitto Pompeii

Turin, Pompeii and Naples are united by a great exhibition project with a common denominator; Egypt. This is the theme of a prestigious exhibition which is structured in three places and four periods. It recounts the spiritual, social, political and artistic influences and importations which originated from cults and elements of style either born on the banks of the Nile or passing through there. …Read more

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