PRESENTING THE WORKSITES – Activities ongoing at the great worksites of Pompeii presented to the public

An initiative for the MyPompeii community

During the months of May and June, the Archaeological Park of Pompeii is opening the sites of its most significant restoration and valorisation works to the public: The House of the Silver Wedding, the House of the Dioscuri, the Suburban Villa of Civita Giuliana, the House of the Vettii, the public fountains, the Tower of Mercury, the House of Castricius and the House of the Library in the Insula Occidentalis, the Villa of Diomedes, the Women’s Forum Baths, the site of green area maintenance, the Park of the Bourbon Powder Factory and the Villa San Marco.

These are structures of great renown, where the stabilisation and restoration interventions currently in progress will be presented directly by the appropriate experts themselves. It will be an opportunity to not only learn more about the delicate yet complex work of restoration, through the direct accounts and vision of the experts in the field - including archaeologists, architects, restorers and engineers - but also a chance to enjoy an exclusive preview of dwellings of particular elegance and prestige, or which are in an unusually well-preserved state.

Every Thursday, from the 5th May to the 23rd June, with two timed visits available for each site - at 11:00 and 12:00 - for a maximum of 20 people in each group, it will be possible to reserve access to one of the sites, according to the following timetable:




Opening 1A (11:00) – Opening 1B (12:00)

Opening 2A (11:00) – Opening 2B (12:00)


Villa of Diomedes

Civita Giuliana


House of the Dioscuri

House of the Vettii*


Plant nursery and the green areas of Pompei

Tower of Mercury


Public fountains*

House of the Library


House of Castricius

Villa San Marco*


House of the Silver Wedding

Women’s Baths


Insula of the Chaste Lovers*

Park of the Bourbon Powder Factory




*in Italian and in English


The initiative is reserved for holders of the My Pompeii card.          

Bookings can be made through the following email address: mypompeiicard

Bookings must be received at least one day before the chosen date, and by 2.00 pm.