The building constituted the headquarters of the corporation of gladiators and was used for their training, as indicated by the 120 gladiatorial theme inscriptions found inside the building. After the earthquake of 62 AD the structure changed its function and became a private home, probably based on the decision taken by the Senate of Rome to dissolve gladiators’ associations after a violent riot broke out between the people from Pompeii and those from Nocera, who flowed en masse into the amphitheatre in 59 AD to support their favorite gladiators.

It is accessed via two ramps that lead to a large peristylium with 24 columns; the spaces between the columns were closed with low walls decorated with hunting scenes and mythological themes, such as Europa on the bull. Reception rooms overlook the peristylium, such as triclinia and exedras and living rooms are found on the south side. The building was also equipped with a stable, built at a later time. The building was built around the middle of the 1st century BC.

Date: 1842; 1890-1899; 1905; 1947; 2004-2005.