(Insula 12, no. 6) The insula is composed of several houses and a bakery. It's been the subject of archaeological excavations until recently, but has not yet been entirely investigated. At the time of the eruption of 79 AD restructuring works were in progress, perhaps to repair the damage of an earthquake that had occurred a few days before, as evidenced by the water system works and the redecoration in progress in a large room of the House of the Painters at Work. On the walls of this room the preparatory drawings, made before the colour was applied to the fresco, were found, suddenly interrupted by the disaster. The insula is named after the decoration of a triclinium with paintings depicting three banquets set in many moments of the year, including summer with the languid kiss being exchanged between two lovers. Skeletons of mules used to turn the millstones present and load the grain necessary for the production of bread were found in the barn adjoining the bakery.

Date of excavation: 1912; 1982-2010.