The building, overlooking Via dell'Abbondanza, was built a few years before the eruption and housed the headquarters of an important military-style association, as indicated by the representations of trophies with weapons at the base originally present on the outer jambs. Inside the affiliates gathered to plan the military activities and games that would take place in the Great Gym or in the Amphitheater. The building consists of a large hall closed on the way by a large wooden transenna, which had been rebuilt on the base of the imprints left in the ash. Inside, on the recesses of the walls, there were shelves where the armor and the military trophies were exhibited. The building is known for the collapse that occurred in 2010 mainly because of the hydrogeological instability, accentuated in recent years by climate change. Thus, in 2015 the Archaeological Park started a major restoration project of the building, which as a symbol of the "collapses" has now become the emblem of the "revival" of the city.
Date of excavation: 1915-1916