(Insula 11 no. 2) Thethermopoliumwas a place where drinks and hot food were served - they were stored in large jars that were embedded in the masonry serving counter. The thermopolium of Asellina opens onto Via dell’Abbondanza and takes its name from the girl who, along with her companions Aegle, Maria and Zmyrina, served in the establishment and whose names are mentioned in the inscriptions painted on the façade. At the time of its excavation in 1911, almost all of the furnishings were found, including plates, goblets, jugs and cups in terracotta, bronze and glass, where the dishes that were sold would have been served. The counter was decorated with red plaster, and the top was covered in marble slabs into which four jars were inserted. At the end of the counter, a brick oven incorporates a bronze boiler with a lid. At the back of the room 22 wine amphorae were discovered, which are still visible amongst the lapilli.

Date of excavation: 1911-1912