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Pompeii Theatre Dream of Flying is an educational project conceived and developed for schools located in the vicinity of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, with the aim of establishing a positive connection between the ancient site and young people, who will take part in a journey towards greater knowledge and valorisation of the historical-archaeological heritage. It is an educational project within which children will be guided along a path that will lead them to a new understanding, and a new perspective on the material traces of their past, which together comprise the principal objective of any museum.

Places, spaces, words and customs of the ancient world will become part of the daily life of the young students, to whom such testimonies often appear as mute relics, too distant for their meaning to be understood.

The project envisages that, throughout the academic years, the children will work in the locations of Pompeii, where they will discover an extensive sample of the ancient world that they will experience not as spectators but as actual participants. Domestic and civil life, art, architecture, functions and roles in the ancient world will all become part of the lived experience of the students who seek to develop a passion for cultural heritage.

But what better place is there for life to enter the scene than in the theatre?

A place rich in intrinsic didactic power, and a means by which man and society may be studied, where through resourcefulness and courage, the truth of life unfolds.

At the end of the educational course, an event will be staged in the Large Theatre of Pompeii, performed by young actors assisted by artists and internationally renowned professionals from the world of theatre.

To help these young people understand that everything comes from knowledge, the project seeks to sow and leave a mark on their future: the understanding and study of the past can change one’s vision of reality, beginning with the places in which we live, but their valorisation represents an opportunity for those who experience such places on a daily basis.