Antiquarium Facciata

Antiquarium of Pompei

On January 25, the Antiquarium of Pompeii opened to the public, the new museum venue dedicated to the permanent display of finds which narrate the history of Pompeii. It is an introduction to the site visit, told through the most significant artefacts of the ancient city, from the Samnite era (4th century BC) to the tragic eruption of AD 79, with particular attention paid to the city’s inseparable link with Rome.   …Read more

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Fauno colonna 2

Restoration Columns House of Faun

Following many turbulent years, the columns of the secondary atrium of the House of the Faun, bombed then subsequently rebuilt after the war, only to be damaged once more by an earthquake and then shored-up, are finally intact again, following the end of complex recent restoration work. …Read more

parco archeologico di pompei

Termopolio Regio V 09 ┬®luigispina

Thermopolium of Regio V

The Thermopolium of Regio V, one of the snack bars at Pompeii,  complete with an image of a Nereid riding a sea-horse, which had previously been partially excavated in 2019, re-emerges in its entirety, with other rich decorative still lifes, food residues, animal bones and victims of the eruption.   …Read more

parco archeologico di pompei

venustas-3107 (5)

‘VENUSTAS: Grace and beauty at Pompeii’

Creams, make-up, perfumed baths, mirrors for admiring oneself, ornaments for clothes and jewels, amulets, statuettes and precious objects dedicated to the gods. Accessories and fashionable objects which allowed one to pursue an ideal of perfection and beauty. Today just as in Antiquity. In one word, VENUSTAS. To be precise, ‘beauty, grace, elegance and charm’. …Read more

parco archeologico di pompei


The fresco of the Fighting Gladiators. A new discovery in Regio V

Two gladiators at the end of a fight, with one winning and the other succumbing. This is the scene of the most recent fresco to be discovered at Pompeii at the Regio V excavation site, as part of the stabilisation works and remodelling of the excavation fronts overseen by the Great Pompeii Project. In it we have the scene of combat between a ‘Murmillo’ and a ‘Thracian’, two types of fighters who w …Read more

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"Human Remains. Ethics, Conservation, Display"

"Human Remains. Ethics, Conservation, Display" is the first Italian meeting focuses on human remains as sensible material. We will talk about ethical issues, conservation, care and the difficulties for display. The Congress will take place at the Archaeological Park of Pompeii (Via Plinio 4) on the 20th May, and in San Marcellino (Largo San Marcellino 10, Naples) on the 21st of May, 2019.   …Read more

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Pompeii and the Etruscans

Excavations of Pompeii, Large Palaestra  12th December 2018 – 2nd May 2019 The exhibition is curated by Director General Massimo Osanna and Stéphane Verger, Directeur d'études à l'École Pratique des Hautes Etudes and is promoted by the Archaeological Park of Pompeii with the support of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, the Polo Museale of Campania and which is organised by Electa. …Read more

parco archeologico di pompei