The PARTNERS COMMITTEE is an experimental model of cultural sponsorship, specially conceived for Pompeii Commitment: Archaeological Matters, a research and valorisation project of the ‘archaeological matter’ preserved in the excavation areas and storehouses of Pompeii, which seeks to progressively develop a contemporary art collection for the Archaeological Park of Pompeii.

In order to incentivise and support contemporary artists, who, just like those of every age, have felt the allure of a place as unique as Pompeii, and to encourage contemporary creativity through the production of new works of art, the Fundraising Office of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii has conceived a dedicated sponsorship project.

The objective is to establish a working group whereby public and private sector entities cooperate in support of Pompeii Commitment, the first long-term project dedicated to contemporary art at Pompeii.

The works of the artists will be acquired as assets of the Italian state, in the care of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, as an ‘in-progress’ collection. Exhibited and previewed at Pompeii, they will subsequently be presented at other Italian and international institutional venues, both in archaeological museums and modern and contemporary art galleries, either in temporary or regular exhibitions, as well as being accompanied by a program of seminars, conferences and workshops.

The sponsorship notice, published on the 21st December in the Transparent Administration section of the Park of Pompeii, click here, will be online until the 26th February,the deadline for submitting an application to be a sponsor.

The project is also present on the Art Bonus platform, in order to allow donors, friends and supporters of art to participate with donations in support of contemporary works of art. The names of the donors will become part of the world of planning at Pompeii, benefitting from tax relief as provided for in the Art Bonus regulations. For further information, please consult the following link:

The private entity that participates as a sponsor will join a technical and discussion panel, with the aim of discussing the role that a private sector partner can assume within an Institute with the significance of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii.

ThePartners Committee will consist of theLead Partnerand theTeam Partners.The Lead Partner will play a key role, taking care of the governance of the sponsorship as well as the dialogue with the Team Partners and the representative of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii. The Team Partners in turn will be able to suggest actions to support the project of Pompeii Commitment, but also new forms of collaboration and promotion through the organisations involved.