3 days of meetings at the Archaeological Park of Pompeii


The European Research Council (ERC), the body that funds the largest and most innovative scientific research projects, has chosen the Archaeological Park of Pompeii as the venue for its annual conference, which normally takes place in Brussels, as a place of excellence for research and study.

These three days of meetings mark the occasion for dialogue and debate with Park officials and representatives of the university and academic world. During the three days, members of the ERC have visited and will visit the main excavations and the recently restored domus in the site of Pompeii and the Stabian villas.

The presence of the ERC in Pompeii is a fitting tribute to the key role played by museums, archaeological parks and superintendencies not just in safeguarding and enhancing cultural heritage but also in the research field”, states the Park Director Gabriel Zuchtriegel. “Italy is a prime example of how the challenges of a rich, widespread heritage can offer an opportunity for research and knowledge, thanks to the spirit of collaboration between cultural heritage sites, universities and the CNR (National Research Council of Italy). It also shows how we at the Archaeological Park of Pompei are delighted to share our experience with international institutions involved in safeguarding cultural heritage and conducting research.”

Statement of the President of the ERC

The European Research Council (ERC) is the body of the European Union that provides funding for excellent researchers of any age or nationality who intend to carry out frontier research in EU member states or in associated countries.

The ERC supports high-risk research projects conducted by Principal Investigators (PIs) with significant international curriculum vitae. Projects are funded on the basis of proposals presented by researchers, in any scientific field, without pre-defined research topics, and are evaluated on the sole criterion of scientific excellence.

The ERC consists of a Scientific Committee and an Executive Agency (ERCEA).

The Scientific Council is the governing body of the ERC which defines its scientific strategies, financial instruments and evaluation methodologies. The ERCEA implements and applies these strategies in the operations management of the ERC’s activities. The ERC operates independently and its autonomy is guaranteed by the European Commission.