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Triangular Forum

APP’s Excavations and Research, Triangular Forum

Carmela Capaldi (University of Naples ‘Federico II’)

APP Contact Person Francesco Muscolino

New surveys of the Triangular Forum were conducted in 2016 by the University of Naples ‘Federico II’. Sampling was carried out in four different areas; the north-west corner of the portico, in front of the Doric Temple, behind the so-called Heroon, and by the end section of the west portico. As a result of this sampling, evidence of previous structures in the area of the sanctuary emerged. The first sampling revealed a system consisting in a well with a tank, presumably closed during the Augustan Age, with blocks in Sarno limestone coming from some structures with foundations below the pavement of the portico. It was determined through examining the relation between the layers that both the structures and the well/tank date back to a period prior to the construction of the north-west section of the portico and of the temenos wall of the Triangular Forum. In the area in front of the entrance of the so-called Heroon, some votive pits dating back to the 3 rd century B.C. were found. The sampling in the centre of the Forum revealed traces of a building that had been stripped away during the last phases of the city and thus was no longer standing. Next to the Schola, a wall formed by large tuff blocks was discovered. It had already been spotted by A. Maiuri. However, information needed to be gathered since a second wall section with the same orientation, though in opus incertum, had been discovered beyond the Schola.