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Villa A of Oplontis

APP Survey Project

APP Contact Person Massimo Osanna

The archaeological surveys cover Villa A, south of the Conte di Sarno Canal, in an area where the 19 th century Foglia Manzillo Mill stood until the 1980s. The area was acquired by the Superintendency for protection purposes and to clear the area south of the Villa, blocked by the large mill. The excavations enabled the reconstruction of the original section overlooking the sea, consisting of a series of terraces on different levels, with the villa positioned on the highest. Based on these results, Villa A in Oplontis seems to have offered a panoramic view, being placed on a high, indented cliff, about 15m above sea level and overlooking the ancient shoreline, today completely altered. It is thus another example, among many others from the 1 st century B.C., of a seaside villa built exploiting the projections of the coast and its spectacular position and view. The excavations have offered the opportunity to learn more about the functions and structure of the tunnels connecting various parts and terraces of the Villa. During the excavations in one of the tunnels, a cast of the lower left half of the wooden access door was made. The original door had been decorated in pale blue colours before being completely destroyed and burnt. Initially it had been launched into the corridor due to the force exerted by the accretionary lapilli, and then preserved thanks to the solidification of a layer of Volcanic ash typical of pyroclastic flows.