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Villa B or of Lucius Crassius Tertius

Villa B or of Lucius Cassius Tertius, not far from the luxurious villa ‘Poppaea’, is the other main complex of Oplontis. Lucius Cassius Tertius was probably the last owner with his name on a bronze seal found during the excavations. Currently, the building cannot be visited. It was constructed towards the end of 2nd century B.C. and expanded at a later time. It develops around a central space, surrounded by a grey tuff double-order colonnade completely rebuilt with the original column drums and related capitals repositioned back into place.

A series of structures found the lower floor were probably storehouses, judging from the materials found inside them. The branches of the peristyle were used as storage areas for transportation containers, mostly wine amphorae, a large number of which were leant against the walls stacked upside down on top of each other.  Since a pot with conifer resin used as covering for the inner wall of amphorae was found atop a stone stove and the fact that the villa lacked production facilities a link can be made to the function of the building. It was probably a horreum designated for the storage of local farm produce and the trade of locally produced wine.
Other storehouses with vaulted ceilings are aligned in the southern side and while trying to find cover from the eruption's fury 54 people met their deaths in one of them. Some of them took their most prized possessions while fleeing and a huge quantity of golden and silver coins, and numerous jewels of the highest quality were found. A precious wooden safe decorated with iron and bronze elements had fallen from the upper level when it had collapsed and contained various items of jewellery. On the southern side, the upper floor appears to have been residential, perhaps the owners' dwelling with rooms decorated with paintings in the Fourth Style.
On the northern side of the building, there is a series of small, independent, two-storey structures, which overlook a street that separates them from the buildings on the other side. It is likely that they are small shops with the upper floor used as a living area. The complex thus appears to have been a real insula delimited by streets.


Every Friday in July and August, from 16:00 to 19:00 (with the last admission at 18:30) it will be possible to access the building, accompanied by the Archeoclub of Torre Annunziata, as part of an agreement between the association and the Archaeological Park of Pompeii.

Admission is included in the ticket for Villa A (The Villa of Poppaea - €5.00) for a maximum of 10 people every 30 minutes. Prior reservation is not essential, but is recommended, and can be arranged by calling the following numbers +39 333 307 8635 and +39 081 8612704, or by writing to the following email address: mirella.azzurro@gmail.com.