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7 h from entrance/exit Piazza Anfiteatro

  1. Entry Anfiteatro square
  2. Amphitheater
  3. Large Palaestra
  4. Praedia of Giulia Felice
  5. House of Venus in the shell
  6. House of Octavius Quartio
  7. House of the Orchard or of the Floral Cubicles
  8. House of the Ephebe
  9. House of Paquius Proculus
  10. House of the Menander
  11. House of the Cryptoporticus
  12. Fullery of Stephanus
  13. Via dell’Abbondanza Via Stabiana
  14. Temple of Isis
  15. Triangular Forum
  16. Affaccio su Teatro Grande, Odeion, Quadriporticus of the theatres
  17. Vicolo delle Pareti Rosse Via delle Scuole
  18. House of the Geometric Mosaics
  19. Municipal buildings
  20. House of Championnet
  21. Basilica
  22. Sanctuary of Apollo
  23. House of Trittolemo
  24. Forum Granary
  25. Temple of Jupiter
  26. Macellum
  27. Sanctuary of the Public Lares
  28. Temple of Genius Augusti (Temple of Vespasian)
  29. Building of Eumachia
  30. Forum Baths
  31. House of the Tragic Poet
  32. Villa of the Mysteries
  33. House of the Faun
  34. House of the Vettii
  35. House of the Golden Cupid
  36. Nola street
  37. House of Marco Lucretius Frontone
  38. House of Obellio Firmo
  39. Vicolo di Tesmo
  40. Stabiana street
  41. House of Sirico
  42. Stabian Baths
  43. Lupanar
  44. Vicoli della Maschera e del Balcone Pensile
  45. Via dell’Abbondanza
  46. Via di Castricio Via dei Fuggiaschi
  47. Garden of the Fugitives
  48. Nocera street
  49. Necropolis of Nocera Gate and exit Anfiteatro square