Dear Parents,
Pompeii and the Vesuvian archaeological sites represent a unique heritage which has been handed down to us and to the generations of the future.
Your awareness can help us to raise responsible adults who are aware of the immense cultural treasure that we have a duty to conserve, as well as admire. At the Archaeological Park we have the responsibility to safeguard it, preserve it and valorise it.

In order to help you enjoy a comfortable visit suited to the needs of your children, here we provide some suggestions and useful information for your visit:




Free admission ticket
Free admission to the sites of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii is permitted for all children under the age of 18


Maps and guides to UNESCO Site 829 ‘The Archaeological Areas of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata’
The Park has made informative and didactic material available, the result of an educational project dedicated to children and young people.
The face of this project is the mouse-journalist Geronimo Stilton, the protagonist and author of the editorial series which has been published in Italy by Edizioni Piemme, and in a further 49 languages throughout the rest of the world, and popularised by the cartoons broadcast on RAI.
The map can be downloaded here (click here)

While the guide can be accessed via the following link

Pompeii for All
Among the initiatives of the Archaeological Park which are aimed at making visits more comfortable and accommodating to the needs of families with small children is the ‘Pompeii for All’ route. This is a facilitated itinerary which allows easier access within the site for parents with prams, as well as for people with motor difficulties.
Find out more here.

Baby Point
For the little ones, Baby Points are active within the Archaeological Park of Pompeii. These are points which have been specially created to meet the needs of families with young children, in order to allow breastfeeding and nappy changing in complete peace and privacy. Three such Baby Points are located in three different locations within the ancient city: on Via dell’Abbondanza, Via di Nola and at the crossroads between Via Stabiana and Via della Fortuna.

The authorised on-site audioguide service is located at the Porta Marina entrance. The discounted rate for children is €5.00 (the normal price for adults is €8.00). For more than one child the price per audioguide is further reduced to €4.50. For further information, please contact us at: Tel. 39 081 27 87 230 / email:


Recommended places to visit:
Follow the suggestions of Geronimo Stilton for visiting Pompeii…. discover

Antiquarium of Pompeii:
For an overview of the archaeological area, we recommend a visit to the Antiquarium of Pompeii, a 20th century building where children and young people can, with the aid of a model equipped with image-map technology, observe the extent of the city and the locations of the main monuments.

Located in the Antiquarium and Piazza Esedra entrance, the bookshop offers dedicated publications and merchandising dedicated to children and young people.

School Teaching

Snack Bar 
Inside the park there is a bar / restaurant where you can buy drinks and eat meals. In addition, inside the site, there are several fountains supplying drinking water. They are very useful, especially in the warm months