MyPompeii, the application which allows one to visit the archaeological site in safety.

In light of the national health emergency due to the spread of COVID-19, it has become essential to identify a new way to enjoy the Archaeological Park of Pompeii. Social distancing is the most important tool for reopening in safety.
In addition to the initiatives which have been implemented for the reopening of the Park, and which can be viewed via this link, the application will guarantee visitors a visit in complete safety.
The application can be accessed by scanning the QR code which can be found on the ticket purchased via the platform TicketOne.
Once logged onto the app, the visitor will be able to begin the tour within the Park, and to view in real time the number of people present along the route.
The map indicates intuitively if there are a considerable number of visitors present at any particular moment during the visit. This information is useful both for the visitor and the Park staff, in order to ensure a visit without risk of infection at any time. By using the map it is also possible to visualise all points of interest, enhanced by further information, as well as all facilities (including first aid, toilets and refreshment points).
The app is available on the official Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.