Termopolio Regio V CS


The Thermopolium of Regio V, one of the snack bars at Pompeii,  complete with an image of a Nereid riding a sea-horse, which had previously been partially excavated in 2019, re-emerges in its entirety, with other rich decorative still lifes, food residues, animal bones and victims of the eruption.   The commercial structure had only been partially studied in 2019, during the interventions of …Read more

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Biondini Giuliani 2

Pompeii Art and Music, Harmony of The Soul: a tribute to Ennio Morricone

The notes of "Love Theme for Nata", the famous song from the soundtrack of the film "Cinema Paradiso", are the special wishes for the Christmas holidays by the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, as well as a tribute to the great composer Ennio Morricone . The live performance is by the jazz musicians Rosario Giuliani (sax) and Luciano Biondini (fisarmonica). The project was realized thanks to the col …Read more

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POMPEII COMMITMENT. ARCHAEOLOGICAL MATTERS Launch of pompeiicommitment.org portal and digital research centre 21st December 2020

The 21st of December 2020 sees the launch of pompeiicommitment.org, the portal and digital research centre of Pompeii Commitment. Archaeological Matters, the first contemporary art programme commissioned by the Archaeological Park of Pompeii based on the study and enhancement of the ‘archaeological matter’ preserved in the excavation areas and storerooms of Pompeii. The project was conceived in 20 …Read more

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Calchi Foto Luigi Spina (11)

"The traces of pain". The victims of Civita Giuliana: the last plaster casts of Pompeii

“It is impossible to see those deformed figures, and not feel moved. They have been dead for eighteen centuries, but they are human beings seen in their agony. This is not art, it is not imitation; these are their bones, the remains of their flesh and their clothes mixed with plaster, it is the pain of death that takes on body and form. Up to now temples, houses and other objects have been found t …Read more

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The large tannery of Pompeii from restoration to valorisation, a positive example of public and private sector collaboration

Yet another important structure at Pompeii, namely the tannery of Regio I - the largest artisan workshop dedicated to the working of leather which has been found in the ancient city - will be able to be returned to public access. This is thanks to the restoration and valorisation interventions which are ongoing and which are the result of a successful public and private sector collaboration betwee …Read more

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Evening openings

MINISTRY OF CULTURAL HERITAGE AND ACTIVITIES ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK OF POMPEII Valorisation Project 2020 – Evening openings European Heritage Days – Evening opening on the 31/10/2020 Museums Night - Evening opening on the 14/11/2020 …Read more

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Opening Archaeological Museum of Castellammare di Stabia Libero D’Orsi

On the 24th of September, 2020 in the historical setting of the Reggia di Quisisiana, the inauguration will take place of the Archaeological Museum of Castellammare di Stabia (Museo Archeologico di Castellammare di Stabia) a new museum specifically for exhibiting the many important items found in the region of Stabia. The preparations, curated and sponsored by the Parco Archeologico di Pompei (the …Read more

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Olletta con pigmento di colore rosso coppette con pigmenti2

Pompeii Commitment Materie Archeologiche / Archaeological Matters is born.

... Pompeii, A.D. 79 (probably October): a column of ashes and lapilli rises from Vesuvius. It feels like the end of the world. All materials vibrate and are together transformed: a multi-verse is opened, and history is interrupted, leaving testimonies to flow away, which before long become legends: Pompeii exists no more... 1748: Little by little, and almost by chance, the ancient city is unearth …Read more

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‘VENUSTAS: Grace and beauty at Pompeii’

Exhibition at the Large Palaestra - from 31st July 2020 to 30th September 2021 Creams, make-up, perfumed baths, mirrors for admiring oneself, ornaments for clothes and jewels, amulets, statuettes and precious objects dedicated to the gods. Accessories and fashionable objects which allowed one to pursue an ideal of perfection and beauty. Today just as in Antiquity. In one word, VENUSTAS. To be prec …Read more

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Foro ridotto

EXCAVATIONS OF POMPEII: The number of people allowed in during each time slot doubles, and the Porta Marina ticket office opens to the public

With the arrival of Summer, the number of visitors to the site of Pompeii increases, and the Archaeological Park adapts to the new flow, increasing the maximum number of people permitted to enter during each time slot. In order to allow a more fluid entrance quota to the site, in compliance with current anti-COVID legislation, the Park management has decided to open the ticket office of Porta Mari …Read more

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