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Pompeii Commitment Materie Archeologiche / Archaeological Matters is born.

... Pompeii, A.D. 79 (probably October): a column of ashes and lapilli rises from Vesuvius. It feels like the end of the world. All materials vibrate and are together transformed: a multi-verse is opened, and history is interrupted, leaving testimonies to flow away, which before long become legends: Pompeii exists no more... 1748: Little by little, and almost by chance, the ancient city is unearth …Read more

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‘VENUSTAS: Grace and beauty at Pompeii’

Exhibition at the Large Palaestra - from 31st July 2020 to 31st July 2021 Creams, make-up, perfumed baths, mirrors for admiring oneself, ornaments for clothes and jewels, amulets, statuettes and precious objects dedicated to the gods. Accessories and fashionable objects which allowed one to pursue an ideal of perfection and beauty. Today just as in Antiquity. In one word, VENUSTAS. To be precise, …Read more

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Foro ridotto

EXCAVATIONS OF POMPEII: The number of people allowed in during each time slot doubles, and the Porta Marina ticket office opens to the public

With the arrival of Summer, the number of visitors to the site of Pompeii increases, and the Archaeological Park adapts to the new flow, increasing the maximum number of people permitted to enter during each time slot. In order to allow a more fluid entrance quota to the site, in compliance with current anti-COVID legislation, the Park management has decided to open the ticket office of Porta Mari …Read more

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leda e il cigno per comunicato stampa

The Documentary film ‘Pompeii: Eros and Myth’ comes to cinemas

FROM SEPTEMBER THE NEW SEASON OF GREAT ART AT THE CINEMA BY NEXO DIGITAL WILL FINALLY RETURN TO MEET ITS AUDIENCE Among the programme of events is the docufilm ‘Pompeii: Eros and Myth’ in cinemas on the 9th, 10th and 11th November. After the enforced break, the 2020 season of Great Art at the Cinema by Nexo Digital will return with four new titles. Included among the scheduled showings will be POM …Read more

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POMPEII: new information regarding entrance to the site.

THE MY POMPEII APP launches, for a visit in complete safety The VILLA OF POPPAEA opens with entry quotas From Wednesday, July 8, the site of Pompeii is preparing to welcome visitors with several new procedures aimed at improving both the enjoyment of and the visit to the archaeological area. It will be possible to enter and exit by all 3 gates at Porta Marina, Piazza Esedra and Piazza Anfiteatro. …Read more

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Foto restauro

The fundraising office of the Pompeii Archaeological Park was born

The Fundraising Office of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii is born BACK TO CULTURE TO RELAUNCH THE ECONOMY Recommencing with culture as a means to relaunch the economy is indeed the challenge underlying the birth of the Fundraising Office of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, which will serve as the point of reference for all fundraising and sponsorship activities, as well as for all private en …Read more

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Stabiae - Villa San Marco reopens, from June 24th with usual opening hours

From 24 June Villa San Marco will also reopen to the public. Villa Arianna and Villa San Marco will respect the usual opening hours: from 8.30 to 19.30 (last entry 18.00). Closing day on Tuesday. Visitors must respect the physical distance of 1 m outdoor and 1.50 indoor. As per order of the Campania Region n. 56 of 12/06/2020 from 22 June the use of the mask is recommended in open places, but rema …Read more

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Villa Arianna in Stabia reopens from June 17th

Villa Arianna in Stabia reopens from June 17th with usual opening hours, from 8,30 am to 19,30 pm (last entry 18,00). The site will be closed on Tuesdays.Visitors will need to wear a mask throughout their visit to the site, as well as to maintain a physical distance from other visitors of 1m outdoors and 1.5m indoors, both on the site and outside. …Read more

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Vigneto nave europa

From the 9th June new routes will be available at POMPEII with new openings and two different ticketed time slots

VILLA REGINA reopens on the 10th June with ticketed time slots and an admission fee of €2 Two weeks after reopening, the site of Pompeii now prepares to welcome visitors with a wider range of visit formats, new and ever greener routes, and two differentially ticketed time slots.  In full compliance with all relevant health regulations as detailed by the Ministry of Health, from the 9th June it wil …Read more

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Civita Giuliana

Civita Giuliana - the vault of a cryptoporticus in the villa emerges from the new excavations.

We see a white flower that stands out delicately from the vibrant black background of a wall. This is the vault of a large cryptoporticus yet to be explored, with the name of a young girl - "Mummia" - scratched onto a wall, and which is found in the suburban villa of Civita Giuliana, which the archaeologists of Pompeii recommenced work on last week. The villa is located to the north of the excavat …Read more

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